Tuesday, July 28, 2009

H1N1 pandemics~ :(

Shah Alam da jadi kwasan hitam sbb kes h1n1 yg smakin menular. huhu. takutnye bla dnga ade org2 terdekat yg da tkena pnyakit ni. ura2 plak msu da kna blacklist sbb ada org suspected positive h1n1. naseb baik btuk slsema sume da lega. kalo x silap2 haribulan terkena kuarantin skali la jwbnya. mmg la besh kalo dpt cuti sminggu. tp silibus bnyk lg nk kna abeskan. so better msu xtutup, r else extra cluz tiap2 minggu hri sbtu :(( kt msia da 3 org mati sbb pnyakit ni. rsa mcm xsafe sgt2. anytime bole tkna n rsa mcm bole ninggal ble2 msa je..huhuhu. smoga kta dijauhkan dr suma kesusahan n dpanjangkan umo~

"Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the Malaysian man was reported to have died from severe pneumonia with multi-organ failure at 4.40pm on Monday after being treated for 10 days in a private hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

He said the victim had received oupatient treatments from several private clinics and hospitals since July 6 before being referred and admitted to the private hospital on July 18.

“In the ward, he was diagnosed to be suffering from diabetes mellitus and chest x-ray showed that he was also suffering from pneumonia,” he told reporters at the operations room at the Health Ministry here Tuesday.

Liow said the victim was transferred to the intensive care unit after having breathing difficulties and requiring ventilator.

He said when his condition deteriorated, a throat swab was taken on July 22 and he was confirmed to be H1N1 positive the following day.

“The swab was taken very late on July 22. Despite being in hospital, these three victims all died. They couldn’t be saved. Now we’ve found out that the treatment came to them very late. I’m very concerned.


Ya Allah, jauhkanlah diriku, keluargaku dan rakan2ku dr ujian-Mu ini.

Kami berlindung di bawah pertolonganmu Ya Rabbi~



Sunday, July 26, 2009

smiling from ear to ear~ :))

hehe..its too complicated to be expressed by words.
juz let my smiles tell ya everything okei :))

thank u mr egypt, for all the magnificent gifts~ :D

mushroom diamond crystal. cntek sgt2 :D

baju pyramid..hehehe

my fevret spreading cheese~ :))

extra virgin olive oil to reduce risks of getting cardiovascular diseases..heeee

unta pdg pasir pooon adeee..hehe

n ne part yg plg touching..


lpas da lme terseksa tingin nk makan pancakes, akhirnya dpt jugak mkn..heee~
thank you so much for all these..
~dancing izyani~

:) :) :) :) :) :)


Sunday, July 19, 2009

plzzz go away....

I dont know why...

I feel completely lazy

n rather uninspired...


ohh my dear spirits,

where hve u gone???

plzz come back fast

im dying without uuuuu...

n mr laziness,

plzzz go far far away

ur such a devil

who turns me into a fatty


huk3 :((

lazy bones syndrome perhaps???


Saturday, July 18, 2009


After being recommended by ms amalina to watch this movie,

look at me now!

Im turning into....



hihihi :) :)

Generally, the story was good. Lots of messages n values. N as usual, I've googled some of the memorable quotes in the story.

"Life passes most people by while they're making grand plans for it. Throughout my lifetime, I've left pieces of my heart here and there. And now, there's almost not enough to stay alive. But I force a smile, knowing that my ambition far exceeded my talent."

"Sometimes you're flush and sometimes you're bust, and when you're up, it's never as good as it seems, and when you're down, you never think you'll be up again, but life goes on."

"May the wind always be at your back, and the sun always upon your face, and may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars."

Beautiful aite?? :D

In this story, George (Johnny Depp) is a greedy man, he never satisfied wif what he has, always looking for more, so he becomes a drug dealer. Being sentenced to jail never meant anything to him, in fact jail is a place for him to learn how to be a better drug dealer from the other prisoners. His father keeps reminding him that money isnt real, but he failed to understand what his father is trying to say, until he was caught for the 4th time, and being jailed for 60 years.

Yup its true dat money isnt real. We can buy big cars, massive houses, pretty clothes so on n so forth if we have money. But even if we possess an infinite amount of money, we cannot purchase any of these priceless items : LOVE>CARE>LIFE> These are the things that we can only get from being a neutral human being, not so greedy yet not so depending on fate to change everything. In the end, George regrets for what he had done, n he wished to have more time to be spent wif his family, but its too late.

moral of the story ~ always be grateful. think carefully before attempting to do anything illegal okei :)

Thumbs up! credits to johnny depp! :) :)


Friday, July 17, 2009


Its weekends~~~~~
n weekends mean sleep~!!!! (tade kene mengene pon :P) heeeheee :D
Its been a hectic week for me. Damn exhausted. P3 maths really turns me into a zombie n drives me crazy. Kpale bpusing2 atas bawah, kiri kanan, depan blakang, 360 degrees juz to answer one vector question. n queuing up in the things-to-study list; complex no, trigo, rational function etc. tu bru maths, blom lg physics, bio n chem. omg its more than horror i shud say, in fact its kinda supernatural thingy dat makes me shout and laugh with no reasons, dgn tiba2 saje. tp saye masih siuman okei :D

Power spec pon da naek sbb bnyk sgt blink2 time wat maths..hihohi
pdahal sbb bnyk sgt tgk laptop :P power da naik jd 200 sob3, wan yg da 70taun tu mata orait lg jeeee...huhu sdeynyeee :( nnt da tua kne pkai spec tbal la alamatnyeeeee..hmmm

tolak mkn tdo sume, tngl lbey kurg 2 months je b4 the nitemare comes. n lg sbulan rsult AS kuar...0ooooo aaaaa eeee uuuu iiiiiii saye xsanggup nk ambik rezut itteww.... tanak kne repeat, plzzzzz3..A2 pon tkapai2, cmne nk study balik AS...xsanggup2 :((
ohhh God, plzzz make everything easy for me. I dun want to make any1 disappointed, especially mak n abah. That's where my future lies on. Hope it will be good.

Alrite, enough about dat. allergic bla sebut psal result AS. tanak ckp da..ckup3!

lets talk bout sumting more interesting..heeeeee~
diz weekend nk watpe??? of coz la, nk charge balik battery yg da abes. hehe! saye lah lazy garfield yg bjaye! :P tdo je keje. ish3 npe la tdo tu indah sgt. hahaha salahkan tdo plak, pdahal diri tu yg malas. tp diz weekend dah kna booked ngn aunty lily la plak. aunty lily is my bosh tyme keje kt Ambank dlu. sgt2 baek, n bole kata rapat la ngn die. bru2 ni org gaji die wat hal, ade ke patut org sro keje die bwk laki plak msuk uma. tom2 da pregnant. haish tgk je baik n innocent gle tp prangai cam hantu. syian kt baby yg xbsalah dlm prot tuuu sob3 :( kpada kwn2 sume, jgn la pcaye kt org gaji anda. dlm parit pon bole ade buaye taw..hihihi tipu3 :p so weekend ni kne temankan die kt uma, tp xpe, asalkan dpt mkn sdap2 n yg pntg free n tdo kt atas katil empuk n bole tgk astro free sude~dr naufal sgt anti org yg ske ckp 'sude', tp nk jugak ckp walaupun penggunaan xkne tmpt ..
hehe! :p

ohhhh lupe plak. dgn tibe2 rini ms amalina announce ielts speaking test will be on friday, 7th august. adoyaiiiii ble msa plak la nk prepare utk ielts. huhuhu. da lame xckp org puteh, lidah pon da keras jdnyer. at diz moment, i really mish debate~ knape kt msu tade debate :((

i can do it.. i can do it.. go yanie go! :p

hehe..alrite till now, perlu spend time dgn buku sketika sbb die da majok lme xbkak die teheheee~
tlg la wat solat hajat bg aku rajin sket k. sgt2 memerlukan elemen kerajinan buat msa ini.
hve a fabulous weekend sume~ :D


Thursday, July 16, 2009

wajar ke x??

td aku jumpe blog sorg bdk medic ni.
die study 17jam sehari, tdo 4 jam stengah je.
tiba2 terfikir, mmg cmni ke hidup bdk medic??
gile ke haaa nk study smpai 17jam shari.
2 3 jam pon da senget kpale..huhuhuhu
wajarkah aku jd cmtu??

bpe jam je utk mandi....


bpe jam je utk shopping...


bpe jam je nk cangak dpn laptop...


bpe jam utk mkn, tu pon smbil study...


bpe jam je utk tgk tv...


nak tempek bedak sjuk kt muka pon xsmpat...


nak mbuang pon kne bpada2...


adehhh..mmg cmni ke life bdk medic haaa???


aku perlu lebih menghargai :)

This post is dedicated to my old friend, syaffiqa ruzlan a.k.a pika pong pong~ :D

seorang wanita kental yg sgt tegar mhadapi onak duri khidupan
(niat d hati dlu nk jd sasterawan negara, tp xksampaian, so ini la impaknya :P)

hahaha..kk back to the main point. lepas menyelami blog si pika pong2 ni, bnyk soalan2 yg terlintas di fkiranku. knapa org laen bole tp aku xbole? knapa aku lemah bla org laen kuat? knapa susah sgt aku nk bdepan dgn cubaan sdgkan ada org yg lagi teruk kondisinya dr aku?

dan akhirnya aku temui jawapan kpd suma persoalan2 tu :

knapa? sbb bila kta xmenghargai sesuatu yg wujud secara lgsung atau xlgsung dlm hidup ni, automatically kita xkan blaja menyayangi dan mensyukuri. tp bla kta menghargai, kita akan lebih menerima apa yg ada kt sekeliling kta. bersyukur, dats the most important thing of all. ada org yg lg snang drpd kta, so kta pun mengeluh, knapa la dia tu mewah sgt, cantik sgt bla3.. tp kita xsdar, ada lg org yg xmampu n kurang sempurna, yg lg susa drpd kta. kta xnmpk keindahan yg ada dlm diri kta, walhal mmg Allah dah ciptakan sume bnda tu indah.

n i found diz dlm blog pika pong2
"Izyani(Classmate ku..tyme2 males nk study bkk la blog die..sbb inspiring..suke ngan attitude die hoho...nk jd cam die)"

n i was thinking, aku rasa cm aku la mnusia plg truk dlm dunia ni, dgn sikap mazmumah yg bkilo2 n beraneka variasi, i kept hating myself for who i am. tp behind all that, Alhamdulillah, ada jugak org yg nmpk the good side dlm diri aku, even aku xpenah nmpk. itulah mksudnya, aku perlu lebih bsyukur :))

alrite, talking bout pika pong2, i still remember during school time dkt badlishah, where we used to be in the same class from form 1 to form 3. frankly speaking pika pong2 is one of my biggest enemies, bcause she's so intelligent n we were fighting like crazy to be in the top rank. None of us really berterus- terang about the silent battle that we were having, n it happened very quietly n peacefully haha! and den msuk form 4, both of us were offered to different boarding schools, so we rarely met each other but everytime i met her schoolmates n i asked bout pika pong2, they kept telling that she's a genius wif a powerful brainy. n I? my result was getting worse since i went to saina. :(( n i took it as a challenge, y other ppl can but i cant? there must be sumting within myself that need to be fixed aite.

n now, here I am, in a place called MSU...my life isnt so good here, but aku perlu lebih bsyukur okey :)

n msuk je form 4, i received a bad news from my fren, telling dat mama tersayang pika da kmbali pdNya. accident msa otw balik dr keje n she went back earlier on dat day to clbrate bufday pika. n i heard dat they found Al-Quran inside the car, as a bufday present to her. sory pika if diz is too detail r tlah ditokok tmbah :) what a scene aite. n i kept putting myself in her situation, if n only if im the one who is facing the agony, i would have done something improper i tink. but she looked so calm n strong when i met her after the funeral. she is a woman wif a big heart, really. she really inspired me to be more independent n sabar nk bdepan dgn sumting yg sgt susah. n sbgai anak sulung dlm family, she is responsible to take a good care of the rest of her siblings, n i know she would be the best sis to them. she even chose to study locally when she has a good potential to study abroad, juz to take care of her siblings.

ur such a good person, pika. mybe we can fight in our studies, but not to determine sape lg pnyabar, baik ati, kuat smngat n all dat, bcoz definitely u'll be the winner.
but after all, ur a good example dat i shud follow :))

http://ummatanwasatha.blogspot.com (nk promote xpe kan pika??hehe!)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

dalam mimpiku~

3.37 am

Bru bgn dr tdo pas dpt mimpi yg mengingatkan aku bhw hidup kt dunia ni xlma, n pintu taubat sntiasa tbuka, slagi nyawa xkluar dr halqum. huhu. slalu sgt dpt mimpi cmni. Allah tu Maha Penyayang kan, maybe sbb kdg2 kita tlupa, so Dia ingatkan kita.

Dalam mimpi tu, aku dpt taw yg aku ada pnyakit, n ada beberapa saat ja lg utk idup. cepat2 aku carik mak, abah n adik bradik utk mintak maaf. aku peluk, aku cium diorg smbil nanges2. time tu aku nyesal sbb xbnyk buat kebaikan masa hidup, n bila da xsempat bru rasa cm erghhhhh~

den aku pesan kt sume, slalu la mntak doa kt Allah, bg pnjg umo n sihat tubuh badan, sbb aku dulu jrg buat cmtu, sbb tu umo aku xbpe pnjg. huhu. mak ckp dia akan doakan aku hari2. abah snyap je, tkejut n sedih. pastu roh aku pon kuar.

pastu aku terjaga, syukur sgt2, sbb tu mimpi je. sries rsa cm mati hdup balik. at least aku taw pintu taubat blum tutup lg. takut mengenangkan dosa yg bnyk gler. huhu. hakikatnya hidup time A level ni, hari2 bgn pagi bkn fikir cmne nk tingkatkan iman, bsedia nk hadapi kematian, tp pk psal assignmnent, homework, exam. n pk psal bnda remeh yg buat aku xbsyukur dgn apa yg aku dpt. nk itu, nk ini. seolah2 nk hdup kt dunia ni slama2nya, mcm mati tu xkan dtg. padahal mati tu bole dtg bla2 msa je.

Ya Allah, ampunkan dosa2 ku. Matikanlah aku dlm iman. :(



Saturday, July 11, 2009

The magical box~

Im bored. Totally bored.
Life is getting more difficult, and dull.
Its been one year.
n I keep doing da same routine, everyday.
Wake up in the morning, wait for the red box to come.
If luck isnt wif me, den gotta run and chase for da red moving box.
If im more fortunate, I'll b moving wif the red box, but need lots of energy to stabilise myself,
cuz da red box is alwez full n so I need 2 stand on my own feet.
bcoz im not a nerdy who wait 4 the box 20mins b4 it comes.
After a long struggle, here I am.
in a place called Annex.
study. study. study.
5-6pm, keep waiting for the red box.
sumtimes more den an hour is wasted, juz for that big agenda, WAITING.
Waiting n waiting 4 da big thing, the red box.

16 NOV 2009- cant wait 4 diz big day.
a day when there's no more red boxes in my life :))

Thursday, July 9, 2009

dan sebenarnya~

Setelah ditakutkan oleh bnyk pihak ttg H1N1 yg da menular kt shah alam ne, akhirnya ku pergi la jugak ke klinik td. doc tu pn tnya awk skit ape?den ckp la skit tekak, batuk, selsema sume. die relax je. pastu die ckp la nk bg ubat sekian2, okie la. tp ku xpuas ati lg, so tnye la doc tu, ne bkn simptom pape kan doc? ade ke patut die snyum je. eh2 ne kes idup mati taw. she might think that I think too much. pastu die tnye, awk x g oc pun kan? angguk jela. pdahal kalo nk kne kt mna2 pon bole. kt msia pon da bnyk kes okie. so die kta insyaAllah tade pape, kalo mlarat dtg lg k. dtg lg la, sbb nk kbas duit lg kan3?? wawawawa~

hasilnya, kna la makan ubat yg plbagai jenis dan spesies.
tp xpe, sbb dpt MC xg klas sok~!!!!
spark, ko jgn dok msg ak sruh g klas gak eh :P
hehe. im off for tomorrow, tp nk g jap sbb ade maths. hihihi :D


So many things inside my head.
life is getting more difficult, perhaps.

A2 da dkt, study malas lg.
Im a lazy garfield who really loves sleeping.

Lect physics n bio nk kne tukar.

tp bnyk plak konflik.
rasa bsalah pon ade, skit ati pon ade, so baek xyah pk, wat pening je.
nk jadi ape jd la. yg pntg da last sem, n still many things nak kna wat.
baek focus je kt bnda yg lg pntg. kan3?

PPSMI has been demolished, ade yg hepi ade yg xpuas ati.
nk agree, tp English is getting more n more crucial.
nk xagree pun xbole, ksian kt students yg xpham english lgsg.
yg bsemangat nk study da jadi down, sbb xpham soalan n xpham ckgu mengajar.
sng cte wat je dlm bahasa arab, kan bgus bhasa syurga tuuu.. :))

michael jackson is dead. hope he died as a muslim la.
moral of the story, dun take drugs, pndek umo~

sweater kesayanganku da hilang kt kl central, thanks to my carelessness..
sape yg jumpe tu tlg la bg balik, dat sweater really meant a lot to me~ :(

n currently~ selsema, batuk, sakit tekak, sejuk2 n demam2..

sok nk g klinik, gusar plak tjangkit H1N1. nauzubillah~hmm :((

skang ni tgh sedih, sbb td kna mara ngn adi.

die mara sbb postkan cter psal die. smpai nanges2. sory adi~
n the post has been deleted. kakna syg adi okie.

naseb ade gak bnde yg makes me feel delighted.
smlm jual bku kt junior, dpt rm55~
jd sok nk g mkn pancakes kt The Gardens.hehe! :))

Really need to spend sumtimes wif myself.
Till then, my dear reader~


Thursday, July 2, 2009


akhirnya pnantian yg merupakan satu penyeksaan berakhir jua :D
elaun yg ku tunggu2 tlah tiba..hahaha
natijahnya, dptlah ku membeli bnda yg tlah lma ku idam2kan...



ajaibnya arnab niii, beliau akan menari2 kegembiraan apabila mndapat chaya..hehe..xksah la chaya ape2, asalkan mampu menerangi alam semesta...
xpela, jd peneman ayamku d meja study, ksian plak die da lme membujang...
inilah bnda ptama yg ku beli sebaik shj msuknya elaun, thanks to JPA~ :D
ohhh ku sgt gumbira~

AMARAN : Im not a kid. Im a lady ok :))


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The world is beautiful~

if we just try try try
just to be ni-ni-nice
then the world would be a better place for you and I
if we just live our lives
putting our differences aside
oh that would be so beautiful to me...

beautiful verse of song aite?

If we try just to be nice, then the world would be a better place. Yeah, if every1 thinks alike, it might be possible for us to achieve that. But what if we are not? The product is just like what we see in the world today. Do not need to go on a larger scale, things that happen in our communities are enough to prove that today, we are living together, but internally and spiritually, we are actually not.

Yup, its immoral for us not to respect ppl who are trying his best to squeeze his head all he could, to be able to make us understand about something. Manners between a student and an educator should be taken into considerations, although sometimes they are certain things that we know better than him. Always remember, there's always someone better than us, n nobody is the best because the word BEST is only valid for our Creator, Allah. So human beings like us will never be perfect and ideal. Its just that everyone is trying to be so close to the perfectness. In Islam, we learn about keberkatan, and now, I started to realize that keberkatan really plays a vital role to determine whether or not we are on the right track.

Alright, to be specific, after all the things that we have done from the 1st day in msu until today, I really feel like there is something needs to be fixed by the students and the lecturers. Yea its true that sometimes they are going beyond the limitations, but what's wrong wif giving opportunities, and looking back for that keberkatan? Lets forgive and forget, clear up all the revenges, and replenish our beautiful hearts, shall we???

***just an opinion from me ok :)

ur number,,,,, :p