Tuesday, October 20, 2009

coming back sooner r later~ :))

i'll be back after my A2 level exam, the very final exam of the year n of my life in MSU. For d time being, i really need to gve full attention to my life agenda, making my way to Manipal. I'll be updating my blog after 17/11, the day when I can smell d fragrance from d heaven (since i'll be freed from MSU's spells :P)
n i'll be writing wif a new breath..hehe :)
i've dcided not to work in KL, but to work in my hometown s a teacher, teaching spastic children.
n of coz there'll be lots of stories to tell when I start my first day of being a teacher..tunggu la ye ;)

n to my dear friends in MSU, good luck for A2..
i believe that every 1 can fly, n make our wishes come true..
lets struggle n do our bestest!!! :D

Saturday, October 3, 2009

masih merangkak...

Kambing biri2 klon da nk fly g india~
i pray for ur happiness k dear~
n ur wounds will heal soon, trust me..
always remember dat u deserve a better person :)
nnt kte jumpe kt india k..
gonna miss u like gila2 too~

hmm..mr egypt pon da nk fly balikk..
pasni tade da org nk bwk g jenjalan..
nk mkn roasted chicken manyak2 lg~
sob3 :(

di kala sume org fly, aku masih crawling d cni..
mcari sayap utk fly jugakk~
harap2 dpt ketemu dgn sayap tuuu...

ur number,,,,, :p