Monday, March 30, 2009

kambing ooo monyet~ :(

Pg td sy pg pasar..
den singgah kt kdai daging..

tiba2 sy nmpk kepala kambing tnpa bdnnye..

sy amatlah terkejut..

lalu dengan xsemena2 sy tjerit oooooopocot kpale monyet~!!!!

maka sume makhluk mlihat sy..
mcm tgh melihat badut..
kucing pon tkekek2...kepala kmbing yg da mati smpat tersengih2..
pakcik kdai tu pon ckp..nape xckp kpale pakcik je??



Thursday, March 26, 2009

hahaha...LOL :D

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ohhhhh knapeee....

AS exam around da corner...


Frankly speaking, IM NOT 100% ready YET...
Im damned TIRED, tired of thinking what would happen next...

But y is it so hard to be owned???

I really WANT to go to INDIA....
Opsss ok2, gotta admit this, Im not really interested to go to INDIA...
But is there any other better lanes for me???

NOPE, I guess~



:: Well, I've made a promise to myself that one day I'll be standing happily in front of diz Taj Mahal wif MBBS certificate n da title DR IZYANI...ameeennn~ :D

P/s : Anybody wanna buy my chocolate cake?? :P

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Advanced Subsidiary LEVEL???

Sudahkah anda bersedia???

Mampukah anda melakukannya???

Let the battle begins......... \(^_^)/

Kepulangan yg dinanti~ :)

IM BACK~!!!!!

Hehe...It's been a long journey back to Shah Alam from my hometown...
n im writing this in middle of the way when I feel soooooo excited to write!! heeee~ :D
Well, i had a great time standing on the land where lots of miracles had happened throughout my life journey..This is where i learnt the wonderful meaning of the four-letter word, L.I.F.E.
n I thank God for choosing me to walk on this astonishing pathway of life...

So, after 3 months being an 'anak perantauan' , I felt so eager to get back home n meet my dearest family...heeee~

:: Getting ready~ :D, nk dijadikan cte..
Izyani adalah seorang manusia yg tlah di'curse' oleh bas awam...huhu :(
Well, I really have troubles when boarding a bus...lots of unexpected incidents happen before, during or after taking a bus to ANY destination...I MEAN ANY~!!
I was chased out of the bus for having the wrong ticket, last year..
And this time, I almost miss the bus~!!!
This was how it happened...The boarding time written on the bus was 9.45 p.m., n I got there at 9.00pm, quite early since me n mira havent take our dinner yet. So around 9.35, we went to the terminal to find out that there were no bus!!!! OK2, IZYANI MASIH LAGI COOL EVEN SHE WAS YELLING N MUMBLING TO HERSELF "maakkkkk~ nakk balikkkkk!!!"...
Then Mira n I went to the counter to figure out what actually happened, n I was bloody shocked when the ticket girl said

" Ya Allah, nape lambat sgt ne dikkkk????"

Again I looked at my watch, it was 9.40pm...N again I checked my ticket, YEAAA I'm not wrong, the time written there was 9.45pm...So I asked the girl "Kami yang lewat ke bas tu yg jln awal ne kak???" The girl looked at my ticket, n she noticed that she's the one who should be responsible 4 the bus leaving without ME!! The bus schedule had changed act, but she was still using the old one, and what happened??MY NERVES GOT REALLY MAD n ape lagi,,,, oestrogen dan progestrone pooon rise up dgn mendadaknye...MY BP PUN DAH NAEK (ayat mdm simran..hehe)

:: Slumber je dok cndle light dinner pdahal da kna tinggal ngn bas...adeiiii~

Luckily the bus company was responsible enough to ask the bus to WAIT FOR US...hehe...I am proud to say that the bus, the driver and all the passengers waited for the 2 left behind VVIPs for almost 1 hour n I can feel the heated carbon dioxide from everybody's breath once we got into the bus..sorry guys, naseb lerrr, saper suruh xtunggu??? I really feel like the bus is mine~!!!ngeeee~

kk, finished about the curse for now, I'll continue writing about it sometimes later...

So, back home, I realised that I couldn't help myself from eating excessively...hihi...
maybe its bcause I cant find any tasty food in shah alam, so feel like wanting to 'qada' eating all the delicia in my hometown.. :D
most impressively, I bought six chicken wings for only RM4~!!!
Oh my goodness, what in the world is cheaper than that?????

So, these are some the food that excitedly went inside my big tummy in that few days...hehe

:: Chicken rice with blackpepper CLAYPOT~

:: Nasik MINYAK kt uma knuri...heeee

:: Chicken CHOP~

n not forgetting~ IKAN TERMENUNG~!!! :D

daaaaaan bermacam2 lagi~hehe

I also went to SAINA to visit my two youngers, my sis n my bro...
Ohhh SAINA, still havent changed, still covered in purple...kui3 :P
Instead of the school, my bro is the one who has really changed, he's now a man in black n I think that he should really go for an effective whitening n slimming programmes...huhu...
n my sis, keep complaining about her failure in catching up the lessons...Imagine she got a red mark for her Pendidikan Islam???This should be a new record in our family then...
Still, I admire their spirits...Keep moving forward my lil sis n bro~!!!
I know they can manage to do it....just a matter of making a bigger n faster steps so that they can be closer to success...CHAIYOKKK~!!! :D

Not forgetting, my grandparents...
Well, I went to my village, n I had a wonderful night there...
Sadly, my grandfather is not in the pink of health...after his heart problems, he is now suffering from some kidney stones which blocked his urinary bladder or something sekutu dgnnya, n as a result, he cant pee n need to wear the hanging bag n bcoz of that his movement is now too limited, plus his swollen leg that stops him from moving comfortably. N his Alzheimer disease is also getting worse day by day, he cant even recognise me :(
If only I am a doctor now, I'll do anything I can to make him recover, or at least to reduce his pain...huhu...but as naufal always say, the word IF will never change anything...Its just a fantasy not a reality, n its just an IF which does not justify anything~so what can I do now is PRAYING...n I hope all of you will do so, too... (T_T)

n my grandmother, still looking good....she even cooked me my favourite sambal ikan termenung~!!!yummmmy~ just so3 delicious..hehe...

mak n abah....hehe
here's the interesting part...
Both of them r being so emo bout da PPSMI thingy.... My mum became even more emo when our edu minister strictly said that PPSMI will remain in our education system.... I tink that I should talk about this in detail in my next post...hehe...Apart from that, mak is now so happy losing her weight after going for a slimming programme... she's so excited wearing pants, knowing that her thigh is becoming thinner n thinner... ahha
My dad, still the coolest dad ever...On our way to Saina, he was willing to stop the car n let me catch few photos of paddy field to be shown to my friends who really wanna see paddy..haha
So here are some of the photos :

:: Itu namanye PADI ye kwn2...haha :P

:: n dat is the mesin kepada padi~ngeee~

hehe...thanks mak...thanks abah...thanks 4 everything~
n since I know ur reading this, let me announce to the whole world that your the best parents in this universe, ur the greatest GIFT from the God to me~
Thanks 4 your love, ur care n ur guidance...
I'll do anything I can to make you happy, insyaAllah..

I really, totally n sincerely love you, mak n abah.... :)

:: Abahku yg MACHO~ :D

:: n mak yg cunnnnyeeeerr~ heeee~ :D

So, after 4 days staying happily at home, its time to go back.... :(

Back to MAIS means back to study~huhu....

ur number,,,,, :p